Over Priced wood Sucks!

Since 2018 Schlaudie Skate Co has brought the highest quality goods for some of the lowest cost in the industry. We feel skateboarding should never be over priced and should be welcoming for everyone. For these reasons Schlaudie Skate Co has grown to be the largest veteran owned brand in America. In just two years, Schlaudie has grown to be sold in near 30 shops nation wide, supported by thousands of skaters and has been featured in multiple magazines as well as the Session video game on Xbox and PC and will soon be seen on Skapp, an all new gaming experience coming to Playstation. 

Support your local SKateshop

It is more than just a saying and more than just a social media hashtag. It is an entire way of being. Skateshops are the core - the center of the skate scene. They provide the push to have new skateparks built in cities and are the beginning of the chain of sponsorships for so many skaters trying to grow and succeed. They help keep the skate community thriving. Because of that, Schlaudie Skate Co is constantly looking for new ways to help skate shops nation wide. This includes donating online profits to skateshops nationwide to help keep bills paid during the mandatory shut downs caused by Covid 19; donating money to help with rebuilding shops after nationwide protests; donating profits to help when shops are burglarized and of course donating product for events supporting local communities. If your local skateshop is ever in need of assistance, please contact Justin. 

"On the fourth board already. Bought a REAL and switched it out the next day for a Red Logo. Your boards are better."

"Boards tastier than free burritos"

-Kevin - TX

Jason - Korea

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Over priced wood sucks 

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Proudly the largest veteran owned brand in America and maybe the world...

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