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"Support Your local Skateshop" is more than just a hashtag


Schlaudie Skate Co was born due to the lack of local skateshop support for our local community. 

Growing up in Killeen, TX in the 1990s and early 2000s, there was no support for skateboarding. No skateparks, no skateshops, no community. Just cops and locals who hated skaters and ran us out of everywhere we tried to skate until eventually a small skateboard shop called "The Skatershack" opened with a little enclosed trailer to give love and support to the skaters of the small Central Texas community. Eventually, Skatershack pushed the city of Killeen to open several skateparks and gained enough momentum to find themselves a new brick and mortar store inside the Killeen Mall. This lasted until Zumiez realized what was once a small community was beginning to grow and the early 2000s buzz toward skate culture and clothing nationwide brought huge profits to the corporate world. The Killeen Mall welcomed Zumiez and positioned them perfectly to be able to shut down our beloved Skatershack. Skatershack soon was forced to close it's doors.

Fast forward to 2016 and Justin, the owner of Schlaudie Skate Co, moved out of the city of Killeen and into a small town of less than 6000 population called Marble Falls, TX. There, he found the same lack of skater love, lack of skate support and lack of welcoming by the city just as he found in Killeen during the 1990s and early 2000s. In 2018, Justin deployed with the Army to Egypt and was able to take the combat pay the military offered and began producing high quality skateboards for the Marble Falls community. With no skater support within a nearly 2 hour drive, Schlaudie was originally built to offer love and support to the locals of the Marble Falls community. 

By 2020, Schlaudie grew to be sold in over 50 skateshops nationwide and is a featured brand in the hit video game, Session on Xbox, Playstation and PC. Thru the small amount of success, Justin never forgot the reason Schlaudie began. Community Support. We understand that the biggest support a local community gets is from the local skateshops who provide product, sponsorships, direction and general hangouts for skaters. The skateshops are the heart and soul of the skateboarding community. Our mission is to maintain that heart and soul as much as possible. This is why we team up with skateshops year after year to find new innovative ways to promote local skateshops and their local communities. 

Skateshop Sponsorship program

The SKateshop Show

Thru 2023, Schlaudie Skate Co is teaming up with skateshops and their riders to produce a full length video showcasing the talent local skateshops have in their community. This video will be released on DVD and Youtube and distributed nationwide with full love and support of all shops and riders involved. 

If you or your skateshop is interested in being involved in "The Skateshop Show" email us

giveaway 2.png

Support your local giveaway

2022 has been bad. I mean, real bad. Skateshops are shutting down left and right with high product costs, low profits, inflated rent and overall inflated operating costs across the nation. Where we wish we could buy out the debt save every shop, we just can't afford to do that. Let's be honest, we are a small brand. But, we can offer benefits to the skaters within the local communities for spending time and money inside their local shops! 

With the "Support Your Local Giveaway", Schlaudie is providing a free support deck to be given away in each participating skateshop across the nation. That's right! At your participating skateshop, you have the ability to win a free Schlaudie deck. The rules are easy, go spend money! With every purchase, your local participating local skateshop will enter you to win a free Support Deck (or similar item). This giveaway is ONLY available at your participating skateshop, NOT on So, go to your local and get off your phone! 

If your local skateshop wants to participate in this giveaway, email us

Schlaudie Giveaway Image

1 winner per skateshop
1 deck per winner
1 entry per "other" brand purchased
2 entries per Schlaudie purchase
to enter, purchase any item in your local skateshop
contest ends Aug 1, 2023


Q: I am a skater or skateshop and would like to be in the Skate Shop Show video, can I just submit footage?

A: No, this is a joint deal between the shop and Schlaudie and the riders are picked up as sponsored riders of Schlaudie so there is more to it than just sending footy. If you are a skateshop, drop us an email and we will be happy to tell you more about it!

Q: Do I have to buy anything to win a deck in the Support Your Local Giveaway?

A: Yes. That's literally what the rules state. But, you do not have to buy Schlaudie products nor do you buy anything from You buy products from your local skateshop and they are in charge of the giveaway from there. However, keep in mind, for the ULTIMATE win ability, purchasing Schlaudie products gets you DOUBLE the entries. TWO entries per Schlaudie purchase. ONE entry per "Other brand"

Q: How long does the Support Your Local Giveaway last?

A: Meh. I would say until Aug 1, 2023

Q: How do I know if I won a deck from the Support Your Local Giveaway and how do I collect my prize?

A: Well, we are just supplying the prize to your local shop. Your local skateshop is in charge of the giveaway and making sure you get it. We will ship the deck to your shop so you can collect it from them!

Q: I am a local shop participating in the Support Your Local Giveaway. How do I choose a winner?

A: That is up to you but we find an easy way to do it is to get some tickets and with every purchase your customers make, have them place their name and phone number on a ticket and put it in a big ol' jar. On Aug 2, 2023, draw a winner. Keep in mind, it is best to advertise the giveaway on your socials at least once a week so everyone knows! Tag us on Insta and we will repost your shop! 

Q: I am a local shop, how do I register for the Support Your Local Giveaway?

A: Well, you have to be in the Schlaudie dealer family so, send us an email or DM on Instagram and let's hash out some simple details!

Q: I am a skateshop and want to be involved in the Support Your Local Giveaway. Do I need to stock Schlaudie to be involved? 

A: Yes. For this giveaway, skateshops must be in the Schlaudie Dealer Family. So, send us an email at or drop us a DM on instagram. We would love to get you set up with an order and get one of your customers hooked up with a free deck!

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