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The Iron S.K.A.T.E.

A major goal of Schlaudie is to support local skate shops and skaters alike. One of the ways we do this is by coming to YOUR local skate shop and helping to create and maintain hype and drive within your community. We do this through our own version of a game of SKATE. We call it THE IRON SKATE! Using Berrics rules, your local riders compete against each other until the last man is standing. That last man then has the opportunity to choose which Schlaudie rider he wants to compete against. In open challenge, that individual will compete for a Schlaudie / Local Skate Shop prize pack which is provided in joint collaboration with your shop. 

To put on a game of Iron Skate with your local shop, please email us or contact us through Instagram. 

Choose Your  Rider

Berrics Rules


BUT that does not mean everything on flat ground counts

The game of skate is traditionally only played with tricks done on flat ground. That means only flip tricks count, no ramps or rails will count. 

2. No feet on the ground

That means you are not allowed to do no-complys, hand plants, or bonelesses. If you 

3. No grabs

A grab on a skateboard is when your hand reaches down and holds the board while in the air. No 

4. No Manuals

Flat ground tricks need to be landed on all four wheels to count as a land.

5. No tricks that slide on the ground

Especially if your opponent popped their trick!

The ground at the Berrics is notoriously slippery, but that doesn’t mean you can do a 360 sliding all the way around. 

7. The last letter gets two tries on E

The defense gets only one try to land the trick to avoid the letter until the final round. When the skater is on their last attempt to land, two tries helps them stay in the game.

8. Offensive toe drag gets one do-over

When setting a trick, there is a higher level of how clean it should be. If a foot touches the ground from heel drag or toe touch, the skater has a second chance to clean it up.

9. Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin of error

But it will ultimately be decided by the referee if it was a particularly sloppy trick or if the tail skid on the ground there might not be a second chance.

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