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Support Your Local Giveaway - The Results

In January 2023 Schlaudie Skate Co began the largest giveaway in Skateboard history. The idea behind it was to promote and support skateshops across the nation with an absolute ZERO catch giveaway. Since the fall of 2021, the skateboard industry has been struggling. In the fall 2022, as I watched shops across the nation declare their doors were closing, I felt we at Schlaudie had to do something to help! So, we created a giveaway FOR EVERYONE! Whether you were a current dealer of Schlaudie or not made no difference. The only thing you, as a skateshop, had to do was reach out to us and let us know you wanted to be involved. From there, we mailed you a free deck with the rules being:

Keep track of your in shop sales, with every "other" brand sold, your customer gets one entry. With every Schlaudie sold, your customer gets two entries. And the last rule was to help promote. The promotion thing is simple, it was for your own good! Let people know this giveaway is happening. Get customers into the store. We asked that you posted on your socials at least once per week and we even provided flyers for the shops to post around the shop.

On February 28, the giveaway came to an end. Most shops have declared their winners but we do have a few who are throwing parties this coming weekend and will declare their winners then. We think that's awesome. What a way to e