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Surviving in a down market to thriving in a recession.

As we move through the summer of 2022 we begin reaching the point in time where "I told you so" becomes a reality. I take no pride in stating I have been calling warnings about the entire nation's economic state since 2020, which has gotten us to where we are. I further take no pride in stating that I believe we are not near the bottom of the dip. We still have an increase in fuel costs coming, an increase in food costs coming and an increase in life costs coming. Heavier inflation IS on the way. This will put a tighter hold on the individual wallets of many customers within the recreational world skateboarding lives in. Let's be honest, as much as we love to say skateboarding is a "way of life" it will eventually come second to food, groceries and family.

So, how do we, the dealers and producers of skateboarding goods, survive with a downturn in the industry? Well, we can not only survive but we can also thrive!

We first need to understand in today's world of bad policies and bad politics by world "leaders" that recessions are a very real thing. In 2008 - 2011, the US we