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Wow... another stack of skate memes...

Whether you have skated for a day or a century, you have to dig skate memes. They can be funny, right? Maybe some are cringe. That's for you to decide.

1. $20 to bring up his wife at the skatepark.

2. And that was the cleanest one all day!

3. I don't condone the after hours parties but it sure seems like there is a lot of similarities in names...

4. What's mom going to say about another ruined pair of shoes?

5. At least the camera man got the shot this time...

6. And you said skateboarding doesn't belong in the olympics...

7. Many have died.

8. Back to the drawing board, boys...


10. I just want to know who's dog this is.

11. Scorpion skills

12. This went over most of your heads, didn't it?

13. This is exactly what she meant

14. An injury will cost your career. Brave.... Brave...

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