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Skate Shop of the Month- Aug 2020: Norse City Boardroom


In a world of so many shops with both a growing and falling skateboard scene across the world (sometimes seemingly happening at the same time) we at Schlaudie Skate Co drive the push for #SupportYourLocalSkateShop. Local skate shops are the back bone of the local skate communities. We at Schlaudie want to identify a skate shop a month and try to bring a little bit of attention to the shop, their community, and the love they create toward the passion of skateboarding.

Today, I have Kevin from Norse City Boardroom. I caught up with him at the end of a shift right in the middle of this crazy Covid-19 Pandemic. I first came into contact with Kevin much the same way that many people do in this digital age, on Instagram. Norse City Boardroom has only been stocking Schlaudie products since earlier this year but in that time, I feel we have begun to build a great friendship and his passion for skateboarding is easily seen.

We began talking today about the shop it's self. Located at 18800 Front Street in Poulsbo Washington, Kevin stated the shop is in the historic downtown Poulsbo. The buildings are old there. Like, real old. The area was built by the early settlers from Norway and some of the buildings were built in the 1800s. The population is somewhere around 11,000 people.

Kevin stated he opened the shop two years ago and just had their two year anniversary on July 3rd. I congratulate him for making it two years. That may not seem long but in an ever changing "rollercoaster" of a skateboard industry, you never know what next month is going to bring. I asked what made him choose the name "Norse City Boardroom" for the shop. Kevin explained that growing up in California there was a local shop in Santa Cruz that he went to simply called "The boardroom" It was one of many shops he supported growing up. He stated the "Norse City" part is simply due to the town's heritage. A fitting name if I do say so myself.

We discussed the reason for opening the skate shop. Kevin informed me that at age 51, he has had the passion for skating all his life. He joked and stated a big reason for the shop is because his wife complained about so many skateboards all over the house. He decided instead of piling personal decks in the house, he would just get a store front and be surrounded by wood all day. The perfect job for someone with this much love for the world of skate. It was once said that a man who truly loves his job never works a day in his life. He said skateboarding is just something that never leaves you. He absolutely loves it and at 51, it is his whole life.