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Help Nomad Skate Shop recover from a fire.

It has has long been known that Schlaudie Skate Co is VERY supportive of the local shops. When it comes to skateshops, our motto is "#supportyourlocalskateshop is more than just a hashtag". On a personal level, I understand how much local shops contribute to the local scene helping skaters grow and stay stocked with the best products. On a business level, I fully know how much skateshops are needed to help build and grow small struggling brands.

With that, Nomad Skateshop was one of the first skateshops to give Schlaudie a chance. As a young, never heard of brand from Texas, Nomad made an order in early 2019 and allowed us the chance to hold some wall space in their shop. Fast forward to 2021, they had JUST restocked our newest graphics and sadly just days ago, Nomad had a fire. This fire cause the destruction of about $35,000 in product. That's $35,000 in product from brands across the nation that not only was made to keep the local kids fresh but also is needed for the most basic of needs for Paul, the owner of Nomad. This is $35,000 to pay rent, buy more product and of course to put food on his own table.

This is a call for help. Help Paul and Nomad skateshop restock their product, pay rent and rebuild what was lost. The hope and hype is high and we know the shop can and will recover but not without help.

To the brands out there in the world of the interwebs. Whether your are big or small, I am asking you to help out. Donate some product to be sold at the shop. Think about how much free product you give to the homies in your area or around the nation? Yes, many of them need the goods. But, in this case, so does Nomad. Help them out. I am not asking you to load up $3000 in wood and send it to them but, if you have some old graphic, new decks laying around, ship them off to Nomad to be sold. Got some wheels? Trucks? These are things that can help him recover. Let Paul and Nomad have product to sell to help rebuild their shop. Hell, if you are a smaller brand this can also get you good push in a new area! If you are a larger brand, lets not play games. We already know you can afford it.

To the, kids, skaters, shop owners around the nation. Do you remember the first time you walked into a skateshop and saw all the brands and the comradery. Do you remember how it felt when you walked out with your first board? Had your first pro visit on skateshop day? Got your first skatepark in your town due to the push by your local shop? These are things that so many shops across the nation bring and these are things that Nomad brings. Help Nomad rebuild and continue to be a vital part of the Indiana skateboard world. Donate money, even $5-$10 is enough ($20 - $100 is better).

As I stated, I would not ask anyone to do anything that I would not do. I have already packed up a box of decks heading to Nomad, free of charge to be sold to help him recover. If you are in the Greenwood / Indianapolis area, reach out to Paul and Nomad, buy some goods or donate some money to help Nomad get back on their feet!

#supportyourlocalskateshop is not just a hashtag

To Donate, please visit the Go Fund Me

To send product to be sold, send it to

Nomad Skate Shop

350 S. Maddison Ave

Greenwood, IN 46142

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