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Skate 4 Feature Reveal

Little has been released by Electronic Arts of what is coming in the new Skate 4, currently in production. EA is keeping a tight lid on what's going on behind closed doors.

On April 16, 2021, Tom Henderson, a well known video game insider tweeted "Skate 3 Bone Breaker + Sniper Elite X-Ray = Skate 4" Assuming that this means the bone breaker from Skate 3 is coming back. Hopefully with a more advanced, more realistic system with better shown injuries is coming for us?

As we know, EA left the skateboard video game crowd hanging for over 10 years after Skate 3's profits failed to bring what EA was hoping. It was not until the popularity of Skater XL and Session before EA decided that their completely money driven system may be able to get a pay day out of another Skate game. Where EA is well funded, Skate 4 will have HUGE competition. We will see if their financial backing is enough to compete with the vision of the indie studios.

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