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Skate Park Karen calls Pro skater a pedophile for giving away free goods.

Ok, so this is a short clip of a Karen. It's not the amount of content in this clip that is getting featured rather the context of the content.

On a warm August day (I don't really know if this happened in August, its just when video was uploaded), an unknown skatepark homie at an unknown skate park in an unknown city in an unknown state swapped out decks. He put together a freshie and gave his old deck to some local homies at the park. The OG homie, who identified himself as a "pro skater" claimed he was just trying to give the locals some love and, as many of us do, passed his old deck down to some kids at the park. Hell, if it's still useable and still got the pop, pass on the love!

Well, enter overly concerned female/ possibly mom/ citizen we will rightfully call "Karen". Karen decided that Pro skater dude should not be associating with anyone else at the skate park. Outside of SUPER common skater mentality / community standards and regularities, Karen called the police on pro skater dude for giving free shit away to the kids. She claimed pro skater dude and his friend are pedophiles for hooking up the homies, stating pro skater dude was a stranger and called out "stranger danger" protecting the young locals from other skaters and claimed to have called the police. Pro skater dude stated all he was doing was giving away his old board, old wheels and another dude gave away some shoes. One local homie came to pro skater dude's rescue claiming he had known pro skater dude for four months. For those of you who don't know, just as stated above, giving away goods to young homies at the skate park is SUPER COMMON.