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Skateboards vs inflation vs the world

Arguably, skateboarding was started in the 1950s, however according to the Googles, some believe it got it's beginnings in the 1940s. Either way, one thing we do know for sure. Some idiot took a plank of wood, threw some roller skates on it and said "hold my beer, watch this!" From that point on, "sidewalk surfing" was born.

Fast forward to the 1990s. A time that skateboarding was in what's known as it's "glory days". With my Wal-mart special Nash brand whale tail board, I was the king of the world! ... or at least the king of my own drive way. My brother and I would often sit on the board and scoot around until I was brave enough to stand up on it. Keep in mind, this was in a time when Facebook, Instagram and Youtube were not even a future thought process. In the early 90s, there was no one to teach us how to skate. No one to look up to. I didn't even know that true "skating" was a thing at that time... but, I digress...

In the 90s, you could get a deck for about $40 or $45 from your local skate shop - if you were lucky enough to have one. If not, the 90s were a great time to know CCS existed. You would get a catalog mailed to you and make your order based off the product number and size listed. In about 3 weeks, your new skateboard would arrive!

By the early 2000s, major brand stores like Zumiez *cough* support your local skateshop *cough* and the ability to buy boards in more cities came about. Also, the closing of local shops in cities that already had skate support began happening as well... Want to know the correlation?