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Skate Shop Support

Buy Schlaudie, support local!

Original post March 2020:

During this time of mandatory lockdowns due to Covid-19 Pandemic, we at Schlaudie Skate Co want to make sure our skateshops stay open. Being from a small town with no local shop to go to, we know what it is like to not get the community support that local shops create. With that, it has been a goal since the beginning to do not only provide quality products to skaters but also to help maintain the communities shops have created and supported. Because of that, all online sales during the Covid-19 lock down, we will be sending our profits to your local skate shop just like if you had bought the board from them directly.

Help support your local shop during this time. Buy Schlaudie and list your local skate shop in the comments at check out! With your help, we can keep your local shops alive!!

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